End Child Trafficking

end child trafficking

Every order helps end child trafficking
While we are a small company and don’t have the resources to fight this battle directly, we have committed to sending up to 20% of all order proceeds directly to organizations that are fighting human trafficking. This means the more you support our company the more children get the help they need.

The fight for the innocent is real.
The fight against child trafficking is something we feel very passionate about. We can’t think of a more noble cause than to help stop pedophiles from destroying innocent lives.

Every year nearly 800,000 children go missing and wind up being trafficked by cartels and global elites. This is unacceptable.

How is the money spent?
As of now we are partnering with two organizations. Operation Underground Railroad and Samaritan’s Purse. We will distribute each month whatever money is collected through sales to each of our Partners in Hope

Are we affiliated with our Partners In Hope?
No. While we do not have specific agreements or affiliations with the organizations we support. We will have proof of checks available to show the money sent to the organizations each month. While we legally do not represent them or have any affiliation with them whatsoever, our donations to their efforts will be real and impactful.

Thank you for joining us helping eradicate this evil with your support.

~ Noble Weave Team